Baby ceremony invites are specially designed invitations for significant events in a baby’s life, such as baby showers, gender reveals, naming ceremonies, and cradle ceremonies. These invites play a crucial role in announcing and celebrating these joyous occasions. With digital designs from Chic Invites, these invitations can be personalized with themes, colors, and details that reflect the unique significance of each ceremony. Chic and convenient, these invites set the tone for memorable gatherings, bringing together friends and family to share in the happiness of welcoming a new life or celebrating important milestones in a baby’s journey.

Latest Trends of Invitation Cards For Baby Ceremonies


Celebrate the upcoming arrival of a bundle of joy with our elegant and personalized baby shower invitations at Chic Invites. Our digital designs capture the essence of this joyous occasion, offering a stylish and convenient way to invite friends and family. Choose from a range of themes and customize the details to match your vision. We are available for creating a unique and heartfelt invitation for your baby shower for your girl or boy.


Baby sprinkle invites are charming and creative invitations designed for a baby sprinkle celebration. If you are wondering what is a baby sprinkle, let us tell you. It is a smaller-scale baby shower for parents expecting their second or subsequent child.

These sprinkle shower invites reflect the joy of welcoming a new addition to the family and often feature playful designs and color schemes. Chic Invites specializes in crafting digital baby sprinkle invitations that capture the essence of this intimate event. With customizable themes and details, our invitations ensure a delightful and personalized touch, setting the tone for a joyous gathering to celebrate the upcoming arrival and show support for the growing family.


Unveil the exciting news of your baby’s gender with our charming gender reveal invitations. Chic Invites brings you digital designs that add an element of surprise and anticipation to your gender reveal party. Personalize the colors, themes, and wording to create a gender reveal invitation that builds excitement and sets the tone for this special moment.

If you are interested in getting a halloween, pumpkin, winnie the pooh, lion king, or teddy bear gender reveal invitation designed, contact us now. We offer custom gender reveal invitations design services to help you invite your guests to the revealing party in your style


Mark the introduction of your little one to the world with Chic Invites’ bespoke baby naming ceremony invitations. Our digital designs reflect the significance of this event, allowing you to share the joy with family and friends. Choose from a variety of styles and themes, and tailor the details to make the invitation a beautiful keepsake of your child’s naming ceremony.

Get Customized Baby Naming Ceremony Invitation Cards

Announce your baby’s name with grace and style through Chic Invites’ beautifully crafted digital naming ceremony invitation cards. Our designs exude charm and sophistication, providing a delightful way to invite friends and family to witness this momentous occasion. Personalize the details, including your baby’s name and any cultural elements you wish to incorporate, creating an invitation card that reflects the significance of the naming ceremony. You can get in touch with us to get your naming ceremony invites (naamkaran ceremony invitation) in Hindi. 


Welcome your newborn into the embrace of family and tradition with our thoughtfully designed cradle ceremony invitations. Chic Invites offers digital invitations that combine sophistication with cultural elements, providing a perfect way to invite loved ones to witness this cherished ceremony. Customize the details to match the cultural significance of the event, ensuring a warm and inviting introduction to your baby’s cradle ceremony.


Elevate the announcement of your baby’s cradle ceremony with Chic Invites’ exquisite digital invitation cards. Our designs blend elegance and tradition, offering a visually stunning and personalized way to invite guests to this meaningful occasion. Choose from a range of layouts and themes, and customize the details to create a cradle ceremony invitation card that captures the essence of this special day.

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Why Choose Chic Invites For Your Baby Ceremony Invitations?

Choose Chic Invites for your baby ceremony invites and experience the epitome of elegance and creativity. Our digital invitation designing expertise ensures that each invite is a masterpiece, capturing the essence of your special occasion. With a myriad of customisable themes, colors, and styles, we tailor each invitation to reflect your unique preferences and the joyous spirit of your celebration. Chic Invites combines modern design with a touch of sophistication, creating invitations that stand out and leave a lasting impression. Trust us to transform your baby ceremony into an unforgettable event with invitations that set the perfect tone.

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