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Save The Date Cards Online For Weddings And Engagements

Planning and organizing your wedding is an exciting process. As one of the first steps, announcing your wedding date to your guests is a key part of the process and sets the celebrations in motion. Save the date wedding invitations is the perfect thing to begin with.

Send out digital save the date cards to your guests well in advance and announce your special day in style. With online save the date cards by Chic Invites, you can personalize, customize and distribute stylish save the date digital invitations with ease.

While marriage save the date cards are a key part of the wedding process, they are just one initial part of the larger picture. Your digital wedding invitations will give your guests more information about the big day and keeping the style similar to the save the date online is important.

Save the date cards online and Digital Wedding invitations come in many different styles. With Chic Invites, you can choose one that complements the overall theme and tone of your wedding.

A matching set of save the date wedding invitation card can give your wedding a polished, put-together look.

When it comes to save the date cards online, the sky is the limit for digital designers at Chic Invites.

With so many amazing designs, colors and styles to choose from, we will help you find the perfect way to announce your wedding date and get your guests excited for the big day.

No matter what your wedding theme or style may be, we have a save the date card design that’s perfect for you. So, get in touch with us and find the perfect way to announce your wedding date in style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Save The Date"?

Save the date” is a pre-invitation notice that informs guests of an upcoming event and asks them to reserve that date on their calendar.


To create save the date cards, follow these steps:

Choose a design: Select a theme, color palette, and style that reflect your wedding’s vibe. Chic Invites has a ton of samples for reference.

Determine the format: Decide if you want physical cards, digital designs, or a combination of both.

Add key details: Include your names, wedding date, and location. Optionally, add a brief message or a creative tagline. Our team of digital invitation designers is available to help.

Select visuals: Incorporate engagement photos, illustrations, or symbols that symbolize your love story or wedding theme. Get samples from Chic Invites’s team anytime.

Design the layout: Arrange the elements in an organized and visually appealing way. Ensure legibility and balance between text and visuals.

Proofread and finalize: Double-check all the details, then save and print or send the cards digitally.


While save the date cards are commonly associated with weddings, they can also be used for other special events like engagement parties, milestone birthdays, or anniversary celebrations. The purpose of save the date cards is to inform guests in advance about the upcoming event, allowing them to mark their calendars and plan accordingly. The use of save the date cards is not limited to weddings and can be adapted to various occasions where early notification is desired.

What Information Should be Included in a "SAVE THE DATE" Card?

A “save the date” card is typically sent out before a formal wedding invitation and serves as a preliminary notice to guests to reserve the date of the wedding. The following information should be included in a digital or a physical “save the date” card:

  1. The Names of the Couple Getting Married
  2. The Date of the Wedding
  3. The Location or Venue of the Wedding (city and state at minimum)
  4. A Brief Message encouraging guests to save the date and look out for more information to come.

Including additional information such as hotel accommodations, travel information, or dress code is optional but can be helpful for guests who need to make arrangements in advance.

When should "save the date" cards be sent out?

Save the date cards should typically be sent out 6-8 months prior to the wedding or event. This allows guests to mark their calendars and make any necessary travel arrangements. However, if the event is taking place during a busy travel season or if many guests will be coming from out of town, it’s recommended to send the save the date cards even earlier, up to a year in advance.

Should SAVE THE DATE Match the Wedding Theme or Colors?

While it’s not necessary for save the dates to match the wedding theme or colors, it can be a nice touch to create a cohesive visual experience for your guests. However, since save the dates are usually sent out well in advance of the wedding and may not have all the specific details finalized, it’s acceptable for them to have a more general design that doesn’t perfectly align with the theme or colors. Focus on capturing the excitement and setting the tone for your upcoming wedding rather than strict adherence to the theme or color scheme.