Get Innovative Quirky Wedding Hashtags for Your Wedding

In the age of social media, Indian weddings have embraced a new trend. It is a trend that adds a touch of personalization and creativity to the celebrations – Indian wedding hashtags. These unique digital signatures allow couples and their guests to capture and share their precious moments. It also helps in creating a virtual album of love and joy. Let’s delve into the world of hashtags for wedding couples and discover how they have become an integral part of modern matrimonial celebrations.

10 Quirkiest Wedding Hashtags Created by Chic Invites


For the couple Vipul and Saloni, we chose to give their hashtag an unusual twist. Instead of going with the usual name based pattern, we used the word Soni, which means beautiful girl. The groom Vipul was delighted with the outcome. The hashtag #VipulKiSoni here symbolizes translates to Vipul’s beautiful partner aka Saloni.


Sometimes, simplicity is the key to impress the wedding couple with a hashtag. For Shreyas and Paridhi, we chose to go with their initials and a phrase that depicts the happenings of their wedding. #AllAboutPS is the simplistic hashtag they wanted. P.S. It is better to choose a simple hashtag instead of opting for a complicated one.


Nothing makes a hashtag funnier than a little bit of word play with the couple’s name. For Aditya and Saloni, we chose to play with the initial parts of their names to make a Hindi phrase that means the groom falling in love. #AdiPhiSalGaya literally means Aditya falling for Saloni.


Creating a hashtag with mixing the names of the bride and groom is the simplest way of creating a good hashtag. For Vidisha and Nidhish, we took the basic route. #Nivisha was created with a rearrangement of their names to create a single word.



When the couple wants wordplay with their names, who are we to deny them. The bride Priyam wanted something quirky in their wedding hashtag. We gave them the option of #Pri’sViWa which literally translates to Pri’s wedding (twisted version of the word Vivah). 



A hashtag for couple may contain words that mean wedding. For Jatin and Damini, we used their initials JK and Da with the word Vyah which means wedding. The hashtag #JkDaVyah means JK’s Wedding.


What can make a hashtag quirkier than displaying a couple’s love story. #KomalHuiMohit is the perfect explanation for the bride Komal getting Attracted to the groom Mohit.


Another example of the couple showing off their love story is the hashtag #AyFellForRads. In this hashtag, however, the groom Ayush wanted to show his feelings for his bride Radhika. Hence, he was very delighted by the hashtag which means him falling in love with his partner.


When the couple wishes for a wedding hashtag that is special for them and their loved ones, we chose to create one that represents their journey of friendship and love. #YaRi is a hashtag for the couple Saloni and Saumaya which is created by merging the nicknames they have for each other. Nothing is a better conversation starter in the wedding than a unique and quirky couple hashtag which guests find intriguing.


Reasons For Having Custom Hashtags For Wedding Couples:

Expressing Individuality and Togetherness

Indian weddings are known for their grandeur and diversity. Funny, romantic, or quirky wedding hashtags have emerged as a means to express the unique personalities of couples. Hashtags for wedding couple often combine the names of the bride and groom, reflecting their bond and love story. These hashtags encapsulate the essence of the couple’s journey, bringing together family and friends under one digital umbrella. By using a personalized wedding hashtag, couples can create a sense of togetherness and make their guests feel involved in the celebration, no matter where they are.

A Digital Keepsake:

In the era of smartphones and social media, wedding hashtags have transformed into digital keepsakes. By encouraging guests to use the designated Indian wedding hashtag, couples can gather a treasure trove of candid moments, stunning photographs, and heartfelt messages.

The hashtag for wedding couple serves as a virtual album. It is a great method for preserving memories that can be revisited and cherished for years to come. It enables couples to relive their special day from multiple perspectives. Funny and quirky wedding hashtag offers a unique insight into the joy and love shared by everyone present.

Creating a Sense of Community:

Wedding hashtags go beyond being a mere social media trend; they foster a sense of community. Friends, family, and well-wishers can connect and interact online, sharing their experiences, congratulatory messages, and anecdotes. It builds a collective space where love and happiness are celebrated. This digital community amplifies the joy of the occasion and ensures that the spirit of the wedding extends far beyond the physical boundaries of the venue.

Indian wedding hashtags have revolutionized the way we document and share the joyous moments of matrimonial celebrations. They offer couples a creative outlet to express their individuality, while also creating a virtual album that serves as a timeless keepsake. From capturing candid shots to fostering a sense of community, these hashtags have become an integral part of modern Indian weddings. Trending wedding hashtags surely leave a lasting impression in the digital age.

If you want an Indian wedding hashtag, you can contact us at Chic Invites. We have the most creative content writers who will give you the best trending wedding hashtags for your big day.

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