Many couples nowadays are opting for paperless wedding invitations as they offer convenience, speed, and affordability. E-invites can be just as stylish as traditional printed ones, featuring calligraphic fonts, quirky caricatures, minimalistic designs, and other decorative elements. There are couples who face difficulties in getting their e-invite cards created. This is where Chic invites comes to their rescue as a team of creative digital wedding card designers. Our unique e wedding cards are the buzz of the wedding trends for the year 2023.  

Chic Invites offers Numerous unique e wedding cards that represent the personalities of both the bride and groom. We offer beautiful samples for save-the-date cards and wedding invitations, allowing couples to personalize them according to their wedding style. To inspire your creative process, we’ve gathered some of the trendiest e-invitation card designs, including a comic strip e-invite. Take a look and envision what your own e-invitation card design could look like. 

  1. Funny Wedding Invitations 
    Prepare to witness the ultimate fusion of love and laughter! Our funny wedding invitations have taken a hilarious twist, promising an unforgettable celebration. Picture this: a majestic unicorn wearing a tuxedo, winking mischievously, inviting you to witness the magical union of two souls. If you have such an imagination, contact us now for your unique e wedding cards. 
    Or perhaps a comic-book-inspired invitation, with the bride and groom portrayed as superheroes saving the world from “boring weddings.” And let’s not forget the puns galore, like “Join us for an enchanting knot-tying ceremony and a reception that will have you in stitches!” These funny wedding invitations guarantee that smiles will adorn your face even before the big day arrives. 
  1. Caricature Wedding Invitations 
    Get ready to be immortalized in the most hilarious and adorable way! Our digital wedding e-invitations feature custom caricatures of the happy couple, capturing their unique personalities and quirks. Imagine a whimsical illustration where the bride is playfully dragging the groom away from his video games, or a scene where they’re dancing clumsily, but full of joy.  
    These wedding caricature designs bring an extra touch of fun and warmth to your special day, ensuring that your guests will be grinning from ear to ear as they receive their personalized invites. Get ready for a unique wedding e-invite that truly reflects your love story in a delightfully amusing manner! 
  1. Bollywood themed e-invitation card 
    Get ready to experience the magic of Bollywood right at your fingertips! Our digital e-invitation cards will transport you and your guests to the vibrant world of Indian cinema. Picture the iconic movie posters featuring the happy couple as the stars, striking dramatic poses amidst a colorful backdrop.  
    The digital invitation wording is infused with Bollywood flair, with catchy phrases and playful references to famous movie dialogues. The digital card itself comes alive with animated dance sequences and lively music, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration. Get ready to dance, sing, and celebrate in true Bollywood style as you invite your loved ones to join you on this grand cinematic adventure! 

Want a customized digital wedding invitation for your special day? Contact us now for any kind of digital e-invite that suits the theme of your marriage.  

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