A save the date invitation is an announcement that you send out to your guests before the wedding. It’s typically sent 6-8 months before the big day. The time to send marriage save the date can be as little as 3 months or as much as 12 months in advance. In this blog, we will tell you about various aspects of getting save the date wedding invitation card created.

The main purpose of a save the date card is to let people know when you’re getting married. It is sent so they can make plans for attending (and maybe even start saving up!). You may also include other details about your upcoming nuptials–like where it will take place and who will be invited–in this initial communication with loved ones. 

Save-the-date cards are different from regular invitations. It is because they don’t require RSVPs. Instead, they give guests an opportunity to plan ahead for events like weddings without being pressured into responding immediately or making any commitments right away (which means no last-minute cancellations!). 

The Benefits of Sending Save the Date Invitations 

*   It allows your guests to plan ahead. 

*   It gives them enough time to make travel arrangements and adjust their schedule, if necessary. 

*   It lets you gauge how many people will be attending your wedding. This will help you so that you can order the right amount of food and drinks for the reception.  

When Should You Send Save The Date Invitations? 

The timing of when to send the invitation is a very important factor. You want to make sure that your guests have enough time to plan their schedules and make arrangements for travel if necessary. The best time is between 4-6 months before your wedding date, but this can vary depending on how far in advance you’ve booked the venue or other services. When deciding on a date, keep in mind that people may need more than one month’s notice if they’re going out of town for work or vacationing during this period of time (which would also mean they won’t be able to attend). 

How to Choose the Right Save the Date Design 

Choosing the right save the date design is important. You want to make sure that it fits with your wedding theme, and that it’s something you can easily share with family and friends.

There are many different types of save the date designs available, so let’s take a look at some examples: 

*   Flat Lay – This style shows one photo in the center of the card. It is surrounded by other photos or elements like flowers or typography. It gives guests an idea of what they should expect from your wedding day without revealing too much information about your big day itself! 

*   Photo Collage – A collage allows you to include multiple images on one card in order to give guests more context about what type of event they’re attending (and why). 

Unique Ideas for Save the Date Invitations 

*   Send the invitation in an unexpected way. Instead of sending it through the mail, you could send it via snail mail or even email. 

*   Make it personal! You can use your own handwriting to write out the details of your event on a customized save the date card. 

*   Try something different with materials and methods of delivery: For example, if you’re having an outdoor wedding (like my friend), then maybe consider sending them out as invitations for people to come join you at a nearby park where they can participate in activities related to nature (hiking) before heading over for dinner at your house later that night! 

What to Include in the Save the Date Invitation 

*   Include the essential information. 

*   How to phrase the invitation. 

*   How to format the invitation 

Tips for Writing Save the Date Invitations 

As you begin to write your save the date invitation, it’s important to remember that this is an opportunity for you to express yourself. You want guests who receive it to feel excited about coming to your wedding, so make sure that they are able to get a sense of who you are as people through the invite itself. 

Here are some tips for writing an invitation that stands out: 

*   Make sure all information is clear and easy-to-read. Don’t overcrowd or cover up any part of the card with ink splotches or other marks (unless this was intentional). A few words here and there should be enough space for people reading it later! 

*   If possible, include something personal about yourself or your partner in each line of text–it adds personality without being overly sentimental or cheesy! 

Save the Date Invitation Etiquette 

The etiquette for sending a save the date wedding invitation card is simple. The save the date video invitation or the card should be addressed to both of you and your parents, if applicable. If you’re inviting only one set of parents, then just send it to that person. For example: 

If you are inviting both sets of parents or family members, then address the envelope as follows:

Mr & Mrs John Smith c/o Mr & Mrs James Smith

Choosing a Save the Date Invitation Provider 

Now that you’ve decided to make a save the date, it’s time to decide how you want to send them. There are a lot of options out there and it can be overwhelming deciding which one is best. To help narrow down your choices, here are some factors that you must take into account when choosing a provider: 

*   How many guests will receive the save the date? If only close family members need an invitation (e.g., parents and grandparents), then sending an email may suffice. However, if all of your friends and relatives need one then printing out individualized cards might be more appropriate. This is because they’re easier for guests who live far away from each other.

*   What kind of design do I want? Some companies specialize in providing certain types of designs of the save the date digital invitations. Other companies give their customers more freedom over what they can create themselves through templates. Either way works but keep in mind that going with something too elaborate for the save the date invitation card might cost extra money. This depends on how many edits happen before final approval! 


You have read the above article about marriage save the date. We hope you are now aware of the key points to consider when creating your save the date invitations. You should also be able to create a unique design that reflects your personality and style, while still being in line with the theme of your wedding. 

*   Make sure that it is easy for guests to RSVP by including a card or link on the invitation.

*   Use high quality paper, printing and postage for your save the date wedding invitation card.

*   Include all relevant information such as venue details, date and time of event.

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