Unique Name and Title Ideas For Haldi Theme Function or Ceremony

In the vibrant course of wedding traditions, the Haldi ceremony stands out as a celebration of love, joy, and, of course, the vibrant hues of turmeric. As a bride or groom with a penchant for creativity, envisioning this customary ritual with a new name can be challenging.

If you are stuck with trying to create new names for your haldi ceremony, Chic Invites has got some ideas for you. Our team of creative content writers understand the trend of renaming the traditional events. We love to add the modern touch to the wedding function names that suit the theme of the clients’ wedding. 

Let us give you an insight into the names we have come up with for our past clients.


Rang Saari describes the colorful attire worn by the bride and groom during the pre-wedding ritual. With the literal translation being “colorful attire” in Hindi, it describes the vibrant hues of the event. The vibrant shades of yellow in the attire, combined with the yellow hue of the turmeric paste, create a visually stunning and festive atmosphere during the Haldi ceremony.


The Haldi function in a wedding captures the essence of fun and joy. The radiant turmeric paste reflects the vibrant and mellow energy of the ceremony. With the traditional attire of yellow in gold, the auspicious haldi symbolizes purity and prosperity for the couple. 

The name “Yellow mellow” for the haldi ceremony creates a warm and cheerful ambience. This ambience embodies the celebration of love and marks the beginning of the colorful joruney for the bride and groom.


Haldi is mostly the first ceremony that marks the beginning of the wedding ceremony. The name “Divine Mornings” evokes the sacred initiation of the day. Especially created for the morning event, this name signifies the purity of the sunlit venue and the ceremony.


The Haldi event in the modern times is considered a carnival of colors. What is the better word to describe a carnival than Mela. Hence, the name “Rango Ka Mela”. A playful celebration where people enjoy the with the turmeric. A perfect description to a vibrant fair where people celebrate, laugh, and enjoy the haldi in their colorful attire. 


   “Phoolon ki Bahar” describes the Haldi ceremony as a blossoming spring. Amidst the laughter of friends and family and traditional rituals, the vibrant colors of the attire and the auspicious turmeric blend with the joy of the occasion. Like flowers in full bloom, the ceremony signifies new beginnings, growth, and the fragrant promise of a beautiful marital journey.


In the literal translation, “Baharo Phool Barsao” invokes the showering of flowers. However, for the older generation, it is a nostalgic memory of a song that signifies the welcome of your beloved.

With the trend of floral haldi, this name mimics the delicate petals falling, symbolizing blessings and good fortune. The ceremony becomes a floral cascade, intertwining tradition and nature’s beauty, creating a picturesque setting for the union of two souls.


A lot of weddings that have a modern theme combine the Haldi ceremony with a cocktail party. “Haldi Toast” captures the celebratory spirit of the Haldi ceremony with the theme of a party. With the toasts with champagne, the auspicious turmeric paste and the traditional ritual takes center stage. 

The complete event becomes a joyous proclamation, a toast to love and happiness. The family and friends of the bride and groom gather to witness and partake in the vibrant and festive occasion.


Just like the Hindi term “Rang Saari”, Color Rush also describes the colorful event. It captures the whirlwind of emotions, laughter, and the vivid hues of traditional attire and turmeric paste. 

If you want to add a personal touch to your events and feel stuck in doing it yourself, Chic Invites is here to help. Give us a call and we will give you a unique name for all your wedding events.


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